Our Invisible Universe - CD and MP3


     A sonic exploration of light and energy.  Take a musical journey along the electromagnetic spectrum and beyond into the mysteries of the unseen dark matter and dark energy of Our Invisible Universe.

     In the Spring of 2012, the Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium, in Buffalo, NY presented an original program about the invisible frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum, dark matter and dark energy. I wanted the music soundtrack to match the wavelengths of light discussed with an appropriate sound. Longer waves ( like Radio, Microwave and Infrared ) were represented with sustained, ethereal and breathy notes while the high frequency UV, X-Rays and Gamma Rays had abundant sequencing and arpeggios. Visible light was conveyed through the use of acoustic piano in order to sound natural like the things we see every day. Creating the "sound" of dark matter and dark energy was another story altogether. The music had to capture the unexplained and the mysterious: an intangible feeling of isolation as well as being overwhelmed and consumed. 'Our Invisible Universe' attempts to musically bring into view that which is unseen by human eyes. The album cover is a grid representation of 100 squares where only 4 are filled with images. This represents the 4% of the universe that can be "seen" by various telescopic equipment whereas the rest is the 96% of dark matter and dark energy. The physical CD has a two-tone effect with standard black and a richer black tone to divide the spaces. Since this did not translate well on screen, the squares are pictured a little lighter.

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