From the Blue Planet to the Red Planet - CD and MP3

This music is the soundtrack from a full-dome production created by the Travelers Science Dome Planetarium and the New Children's Museum in CT. It was a great opportunity and I was fortunate to be a part of the team. I was given a lot of creative control over the music, too. What I tried to represent, musically, was the experience of life on Mars. I wanted the music to sound cold, evoke loneliness, sonically create the turbulence of violent dust storms, whirling sequences to mimic the winds of dust devils, etc. Some tracks, such as Weightless Journey, attempted to let the listener experience the feeling of zero gravity. Challenges aside, I was pleased with the final result. The music on this album includes everything recorded for the score - including the tracks that were trimmed or cut from the final mix. There are also two bonus tracks not in the show at all, but inspired by it.

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