Astin's Sky Adventure - audio CD

This was such a fun pair of projects! I had the great fortune to score these late in 2014. What I love about the Howard B. Owens Planetarium, located in Lanham, MD, is that it provides so many opportunities to engage the student body to contribute such things as original artwork, technical support and narration. I am hopeful to be able to work for them again and cannot wait to see what magic they create when a group of students and faculty come together to work as a team of educators - delighting audiences under the dome with their results.

These scores contain moments of mystery, suspense and wonder as characters experience all sorts of revelations in their respective stories.

Unlocking the Solar System
Imagine the future: you are living on the Moon, your parents are on an excavation to Mars, and you are… bored! Join futuristic sibling stars Clyde and Gilraen as they set off on an adventure of their own when they discover they have been locked out of data files about Pluto. Discover for yourself the importance of the New Horizons mission to Pluto! Be onboard as studies of Pluto help unlock mysteries of our solar system!

Astin's Sky Adventure
This program covers concepts related to stars, constellations and the solar system. We meet Astin, a young boy who dreams he has been transformed into a constellation. With the constellation Orion to guide him, he takes a whirlwind tour of the solar system. Astin awakens from his dream to discover a meteorite in his hand, leaving him to wonder whether it was a dream or not.

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