2012: Prophecy of Doom? - CD and MP3



     A fusion of Mayan tribal beats and Electronica, the 2012: Prophecy of Doom soundtrack explores the ancient past with a modern twist.  Originally scored for the Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium production of the same name, the CD includes additional music and a second score of original music from another program, Constellations of the Zodiac.

     The Mayan music was a challenge to write because there was not any clear source.  There are people today, who are descendants of the Maya, that write and record, but to know exactly what the music sounded like (when the civilization flourished) is a mystery.  A mural discovered on the wall of a temple provided a glimpse of this, however, and was a springboard of inspiration for what would ultimately become the final score.  The mural depicted an orchestra of long horns, percussion and various drums.  In addition, there were a number of flutes.  So adding these influences to the electronics led to my take on 'Mayan Fusion.'

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