Composer Stephen Dubois has been working in the planetarium field for the last 28 years. He has scored original music for 8 documentary programs: Mister Frost and the Skies of Winter, Eclipse: Into the Shadow, Our Invisible Universe, Constellations of the Zodiac, 2012: Prophecy of Doom, From the Blue Planet to the Red Planet, Unlocking the Solar System and Astin's Sky Adventure. His music has been heard in planetariums throughout the USA and North America including the Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium (Buffalo, NY), The Traveler's Science Dome Planetarium (Hartford, CT) and the Howard B. Owens Science Center (Lanham, MD.) Since childhood, music has been a huge part of Stephen's life. He started composing in 1979 using piano, organ and found objects. By the mid 1980's, he began to employ synthesizers, percussion and sampling. Influenced by countless genres of music he describes his sound as "space music with shades of contemporary classical." He has released four full length albums: "The Frost Sessions", "Our Invisible Universe", "2012: Prophecy of Doom" and "From the Blue Planet to the Red Planet" along with one holiday single: "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen."  In 2015 he wrote a score for the short subject documentary film, "Cherokee," for Rick Inglasbe Studio and is currently scoring that studio's latest documentary film, "The Cliff."

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